…And We’re Off!

photo(11)Welcome to the Chicago STEM Pathways Cooperative convening!  Today marks an important day of conversation, creation and collaboration.  We are delighted to be gathering today with so many colleagues who work to bring STEM programming in out-of-school settings that support and nurture our youth toward their potential, including their potential to pursue STEM education and careers.  We have so much to learn from each other, so much to do with each other, and we know this is just the beginning!

We just learned about the data contained in the report for this convening, and another report was referenced in our conversation – the Chicago Viva report, which details Chicago teachers’ ideas and aspirations for how collaboration with the STEM community could look.

Stay tuned for posts throughout the day, covering today’s convening, and if you’re here and blogging, Tweeting, or using other means of sharing your day, please include the hashtag for the event, #ChicagoSTEMOST!


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