2012 “State of STEM” Data (Raw)

The Chicago STEM Pathways Cooperative Preliminary and Final Reports draw on data from two data sets: one from city agencies and one generated by a community-wide  survey. Each data set was “cleaned” to remove duplicates. Due to budget and time restraints, the study was unable to include a youth-experience component or to gather qualitative data.

  • The Combined Data Set Summaries for Figures provides the summary data from both sets used to create the figures in the preliminary and final reports.
  • CitySpan Data consists of existing data culled from city agencies (Chicago Public Schools, Department of Family Support Services, Chicago Public Library, Chicago Park District) and After School Matters. This data was made available through data share agreements with each agency. Data culled from these agencies can be downloaded HERE.
  • Survey Data Set – is comprised of data collected through an online survey. The survey was designed and administered by the STEM Chicago Pathways leadership team. The survey targeted organizations whose programs were unlikely to be included in city-agency data sets. In addition to collecting data parallel to what was available in from agencies in CitySpan, the survey gathered information about participant eligibility, program accessibility and sustainability.


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