NOTE: The survey is now closed. Thank you for your participation and continued interest!

The survey portion of this initiative is looking to document programs and opportunities which:

  • Meet outside of school time (weekends, afternoons and evenings, and school holidays including summer)
  • Serve youth in grades K-16
  • Serve Chicago Public School students. (Participants do not have to be Chicago Public School Students exclusively but the participant pool needs to include Chicago Public School students unless the program serves students post-high school graduation.)
  • Provide STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) programming as the primary purpose or as a structured activity
  • Meet at least once for minimally two hours or meet multiple times
Between February 13 and March 23, 2012, the Chicago STEM Pathways Cooperative administered a survey intended to help to create a snapshot of the science, technology and engineering opportunities available to Chicago’s young people in out of school time.  
The survey is now closed. If you would to review the survey questions, here’s the document:  ChicagoSTEMOSTSurvey2.0
In addition to the survey we’re working with partners across Chicago and Illinois to gather existing data about city and state-supported STEM and out of school time programs.
All of the data we collect will be used to develop a plan to help our community of program providers, businesses, funders, families and schools to get organized: Who is being served and who is not? How could we work together to get – and keep – young people involved with science, technology and engineering? How can we make it easier for young people to get – and stay – involved with STEM? How can we work to increase the number of opportunities offered and ensure they’re high quality?
We will put up an updated list – along with preliminary findings – once we’ve had a chance to clean up the data. Thanks for your patience!
Want to get more involved? Please consider joining us on December 17th at the Conference. Click HERE for more information and a link to the registration form.

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